Wednesday, January 6, 2016

IRIS - One Winged Angel

Hey guys =)

Here is a sketch idea for a One Winged Angel outfit/skin idea for my OC Iris, from Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth!

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I hope everyone is having a happy New Year =)!

-pencil on bristol

Iris Moonluster is (c) Copyright Me, Michelle Hoefener
Sephiroth is (c) Copyright Square Enix

This artwork and the character, Iris Moonluster, are (c) Copyright 2015 Michelle Hoefener. Redistribution or reuse of the character, Iris Moonluster, or this artwork in any way is strictly prohibited. Personal educational use, cosplaying and fanart of Iris Moonluster are welcome! Please give me credit for the character if you post your cosplay photos or fanart online or display publicly. I would love to see your photos and fanart!
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